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Is your PC running like it was when it was brand new or have you noticed that it's slowed down a bit? Does your system crash unexpectedly? Does your Internet connection move at a snail's pace? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your registry is filled with harmful errors that you'd be better off without. Luckily, there's a way to fix these problems.

What is a Registry Cleaner?
If you want to fix your registry errors, you're going to need a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner will clean your registry, restoring your computer to brand-new speeds and stability. Almost all Windows-based computers have at least a few registry errors that need to be fixed. You can make sure your registry is error-free by using a quality registry cleaner.

How We Test
After testing numerous computers, we found that every single one of them had a number of registry errors, some even having hundreds of them! We then began testing registry cleaners with the purpose of finding five that worked better than the rest.

Our Top Picks
While we picked the five that worked better than the rest, we discovered two that really impressed us. and were by far the most sophisticated and comprehensive registry cleaners available.


Comparison of Top Registry Fixers


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Popularity / Satisfaction

Ease of Use



1. Free Scan for Spyware This was our top choice. It was extremely easy to use, performed a thorough scan and was impressively fast. had the PCs we tested working faster than they were when they were brand new. It even stopped all crashes!! High /
Very High
Easy 10 / 10

2. Free Scan for Spyware This was our second pick. It offered an extremely user-friendly interface and a comprehensive scan. This registry repair software worked rather quickly and offered a dramatic increase in computer speed when used. High /
Very High
Easy 9 / 10

3. Free Scan for Spyware This registry cleaner was very, very easy to use and also offered an in-depth scan, but it took a while to complete the registry fix process. Computer speeds were increased when the registry fix process was complete. High /
Very Easy 9 / 10

4. Free Scan for Spyware This was also a good registry cleaner. It offered a comprehensive scan and worked quickly. However, PC speeds were not as fast as when repaired with our top two picks. High /
Moderate 8 / 10

5. Free Scan for Spyware This is last on our list. While it worked well on the PCs we could get it to load on, we couldn't get it to load on PCs running on Windows 98 or Windows ME. High /
Moderate 7 / 10

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